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Bathukamma Panduga

‘Bathukamma Panduga’ (Bathukamma festival) is the most divine and most celebrated festival of Telangana region of Andhra Pradesh. ‘Bathuku’ means the life and Amma means the Mother. On a whole, it is a festival to worship the ‘Life Giver’, the universal energy - Goddess Shakti. Bathukamma represents the glory of the Patron Goddess of womanhood ( Maha Gauri Devi).


Bathukamma is made up of seven concentric layers of flowers that are arranged in a pyramid shape. As it is a festival of women, they dance around it. The synchronizing steps along with singing Bathukamma Paatalu (Songs - praising Bathukamma) make everyone to feel the vibrant mood of Telangana women.


When is Bathukamma panduga?

Bathukamma festival is celebrated for nine days during Durga Navratri. It starts on the day of Aswayuja Padyami (Prathami) and ends on Maha Navami. On Maha Navami, the closing ceremony of Bathukamma panduga is celebrated as a great festival – Pedda Bathukamma (Saddula Bathukamma).


How to make Bathukamma?


Bathukamma Songs

Song 1

Song 2

Song 3

Song 4


What is Saddhula Bathukamma panduga?

The grand closing day of Bathukamma festival is celebrated as ‘Pedda Bathukamma’. Pedda Bathukamma is also known as ‘Saddula Bathukamma’. On this day, women prepare ‘Pedda Bathukammalu’ (bigger bathukammas) and worship them with utmost devotion. ‘Pedda Bathukamma’ is the most celebrated day of the nine days of Bathukamma festival. On this day, women do food charity to the poor.


Grand event for Telangana Women and Children

Women and children are the important participants of Bathukamma Panduga. On the day of the festival, women wake up early in the morning and have ceremonial or spiritual bath. They wear fresh and new clothes, and perform ‘Gauri Puja’. On this occasion, they pray to Goddess Gauri, the divine energy for prosperity and bliss. After that, they offer ‘naivedyam’to the Goddess and start preparing the Bathukamma.



Bathukamma Aata – A Social Gathering :
Bathukamma festival is a very common flatform to reduce the unequalness of social as well as economic status of people. During Bathukamma Aata, every woman puts her hands together with other woman and dances. The synchronizing dance along with singing which comes from hearts of the women, make every person to see it again and again.


What is Bathukamma immersion (Nimajjan or Visarjan)?

After the completion of Bathukamma Aata, women take their Bathukammas to ‘Cheruvu’ (pond or lake) and pray for the last time in the year and immerse them into water.